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6 Important factors when looking for a job in shipping

Are you a seafarer looking for your next job placement in the shipping industry? Here are some significant factors to speed up your hiring process in a ship.

1. Stability of sea service

Having provided sea service in the same company continuously, is very important for your career, as it indicates that your previous or current employer is satisfied with your efficiency and quality of service. Additionally, it reflects that you created a meaningful professional relationship and that company trusts and respects you his skills and attitude.

2. Age limitations

Most shipping companies prefer seafarers who are below 60 years old.

3. Completion of contracts

This factor plays a vital role to be hired in a ship because everyone will consider you as a responsible and trustworthy person with willingness to work. It is a fact that there are many seafarers who sign off the vessel before the end of their contract and that creates difficulties to the manning composition and to smooth vessel’s operation.

4. Sea service in the same type of vessel

One of the first qualifications that the recruiters wish to see in your job applications is having experience in the same type of vessel (ex. Bulk carriers) as mentioned in the job opportunity you apply for. Before you sign up for a new job placement make sure that you have experience in the same type of vessel. This showcases to the recruiter that you are expert in a specific ship type and that your qualifications are relevant to their needs. (ex. Bulk carriers)

5. Fluent english level

Most of the times, crew members speak a wide variety of languages and thus, there can be some confusion in the everyday communication unless having a common language. By having fluent english language skills you can eliminate the difficulty in giving accurate instructions among crew members and ensure smoother and more efficient cooperation onboard. Thus, this is the reason why english language is defined as the international shipping language. If seafarers speak english at a fluent level, they will achieve effective communication and safe services.

6. Valid STCW certificates

Seafarers need to have valid certificates to prove their experience, their qualifications and that they stay up-to-date to their field. Before you apply for a job, check the expiry date of your certificates and renew them once is needed. Some of the most important Seafarers’ certificates are the following:

  • Medical Certificate

  • Seaman’s book

  • Certificate of Competency/Proficiency

  • Basic Training Certificates

If you wish to improve your chances of getting found and hired in shipping, we recommend you to create a linkedin profile and to fill our Seafarer's application form.


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