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4 ways to ensure high quality of standards for our seafarers

Seafarers are one of the most, if not the most, vital stakeholders to ensure the ship's safety and operational success. Attracting and selecting the right seafarers for a job opening should follow a minimum set of standards to ensure high quality and reliability. We take our role in finding top level seafarers really seriously and thus, we have established processes to provide our shipping companies with the most qualified and skilled seafarers in the market. Based on our 30 years experience in the maritime industry, we can detect whether a prospective crew member is the right fit for your vessel. To achieve so, we follow the following processes.

  1. Interview: For every seafarer we endorse to a maritime company, we conduct an interview in order to evaluate the seafarer’s deep knowledge of his rank and duties. Through questions and role-plays , we understand if the seafarer is polite, professional, team-player and capable of performing in his/her position.

  2. Application Form: We always cross-check the information in the application form with the relevant certificates, documents and seaman’s book. Our aim is to confirm that the details of the application form are accurate and up to date.

  3. Fluent English knowledge: It is vital for us, to ensure that all the seafarers we endorse, can communicate easily in the English language both verbally and in writing so as to perform their duties effectively and communicate with the rest of the crew without difficulties.

  4. Certifications & Training: We make sure to look at the seafarers’ certificates and documents in order to ensure that they are authentic under the international regulations and valid for a long period of time.

We believe that successful partnerships rely on mutual trust, clear communication and high quality of service. This is the reason why we aim for long-term cooperation with maritime companies, supplying them constantly with top notch seafarers. Our promise to maritime companies is that we always strive for providing the most capable and experienced seafarers to operate in fleets.

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