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Ship Management

Following our 30 years of maritime experience both onboard and ashore, we are offering a wide range of services in every aspect of ship management. More specifically, we undertake on your behalf:

Safety & Technical Management

  • Plant maintenance system implementation & monitoring

  • Dry docking & repair: planning & attendance

  • Classification survey attendance

  • Inspection & conditions assessments

  • Dedicated team of experience, qualified marine superintendents ensure the compliance with all national & international policies & regulations


  • Shipboard training

  • Seminars/Training sessions at recognized training institutions

Operations management

  • Monitoring vessels closely throughout each voyage

  • Assessment of voyage results and average fuel consumption

  • Check engine stoppages (time & consumption) per voyage

  • Check the vessel’s position directly on map or list with ΕΤΑ displayed (port date left days).

Crew Management

  • Recruitment & selection of qualified and certified seafarers 

  • High retention rate for officers & ratings

  • Undertake flag endorsements & visa procedures

  • Efficient travel arrangements (ticketing)

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