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We are a team based in Piraeus, Greece and also in Chios island, with broad understanding of the needs of ship owners and managers, based on our own experience in  various maritime roles.  We run our services 24/7 working with passion, commitment and discipline to deliver timely and accurate results and experiences to maritime companies as well as seafarers. You can count on CAP maritime to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below,  and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

Our partners

CAP Maritime

We act as your business partner 

to deliver top quality crewing, port agency & ship management services

in all over the world

Port Agency 
in Sri Lanka & Chios

Ship Management

Ναυτιλιακές Διεκπεραιώσεις

We want to thank our 70 partners for their trust and valuable cooperation all these years.

For us at CAP Maritime, each and every shipping company we partner with is our top priority.

CAP Maritime is our trusted partner for the last 2 years in crewing & port agency services. Both the quality and performance on board of seafarers they provide is really high. We can always rely on them as their services are characterized by timely communication, 24/7 availability and fast response to issues arising either onboard or ashore.


Capt. Yiannis Kourtalis,

Operation Manager at Aramis Management Inc

Our strategic partners
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Get in Touch

Whether your need is related to crewing, port agency, ship management services or seafarer procedures, we would be glad to receive your request and we will make sure to respond in due time. In case your request demands timely response you can drop us a call.


Capt. Antonis Pitsilos

Founder & Business Development Manager,

21 0417 1500

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Piraeus office

Chios office

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